About Us

Like many companies who are fortunate enough to make a difference with an idea, The VIP Group was inspired by a grim truth that touches the lives of people everyday. Distracted driving is now the most widespread problem on our roads today and is currently the number one cause of death among North American teens.

Innovative new line of auto accessories

VIP Safety Scents is an innovative new line of auto accessories designed to remind drivers of the dangers of distracted driving and other vital issues on our roads today. Over the past 3 years, we have been designing and testing a series of different accessories that bring safety back to mind. Safety Scents focuses on the quality, look and added purpose of our products. Our concept was to utilize popular items by visibly including important safety reminders. Using the design of a cell phone, these products address all the foremost and relevant issues today, including Distracted Driving (texting, emails, social media and Youtube), Speeding, Drinking & Driving, Seatbelt Use, etc.

Having worked with various Canadian organizations committed to raising awareness for distracted driving, we are dedicated to promoting the awareness of the fatal consequences of distracted driving. We encourage you to try VIP Safety Scents and concentrate on what really matters.